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Lentil and Carrot Soup with Sundried Tomatoes

This was a purely experimental recipe. I never thought that I'd be making a lentil and carrot soup with sundried tomatoes. Of course, I tried to find a nice recipe to use the two cans of lentils I had as well as a 1kg bag of carrots and realised that many recipes either used a lot of stock or made the soup spicy.

The task was to make a mild, heart-warming soup without any spice because my partner doesn't like food that's too spicy. I also didn't want an overly salty soup with lots of stock, so I came up with this recipe.

It worked out quite nicely, especially because I had these spare sundried tomatoes sitting in my fridge. They add this delicate touch that makes this lentil and carrot soup with sundried tomatoes recipe unique. An added bonus is that a bag of carrots and a couple of cans of lentils aren't exactly the world's most expensive ingredients, so lots of positives about this easy recipe.

  • Lentils, 2 cans x 400g each
  • Carrots, 1kg bag chopped thinly for faster cooking
  • Sun-dried tomatoes, 3tbsp
  • Brown onion, 1 medium, chopped into chunky squares
  • Onion powder
  • Garlic, 4-5 crushed or finely chopped cloves
  • Parsley flakes
  • Shallots or green onion
  • Salt & pepper
  1. Fry onions (including shallots if you used those) and carrot together.
  2. Once brown, add lentils and allow to cook for 15 mins or so, or until the vegetables mix together nicely.
  3. Add garlic, onion powder, parsley flakes, salt, pepper and sundried tomatoes.
  4. Cook for a further 15-30 mins for a flavour infusion and cool.
  5. Blend for smooth consistency.
  6. Enjoy ­čÖé

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