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Easy Frozen Vegetables for Dinner in 10 minutes

Turn any boring old frozen vegetables into something special, quick and winter-warming.

  • Frozen veggies
  • Paprika
  • Your favourite cheese to melt in (optional)
  • Your favourite stock (I use chicken, beef or veggie) cubes
  • Pepper & any fresh herbs you have on hand
  1. Remove frozen veggies and throw into pan to defrost and lightly pan-fry on low heat
  2. Add some boiling water & your stock cubes once veggies have some browning on them
  3. Add pepper & paprika, allow to simmer for 10 mins. You can melt your cheese in, but cheese is optional
  4. Add more paprika and your herbs on top & serve.

Recipe Note: This goes really well with lean meats and is a great alternative to the boredom of plain steamed veggies. If you like cheese but are watching your figure, try a high protein and low fat cheese.

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