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Apple Pie With A Bow Tie

My beautiful grandmother taught me this delicious, yet fast and easy apple pie recipe. She continues to cook lovely foods to this day and has been featured in the Good Food Guide for her unique abilities. Needless to say, this particular recipe that she gave me really is so tasty, convenient and as easy to cook. It really takes a master to be able to create something so simple and effective that they can share it with the world; especially when their knowledge is much beyond that of many.

  • Apples (green make a better pie, but use red if you have those on hand)
  • Puff pastry sheets, frozen
  • Cinnamon (powder or sticks, up to you)
  1. Take pastry out of the freezer so that it gets a little bit softer
  2. Chop apples (moon shape is fine)
  3. Cover your baking tray in baking paper or foil (non-sticky side)
  4. Place a layer of pastry onto the tray & start loading the apples in
  5. As you place layers of apples, add a touch of cinnamon to each layer
  6. Once you've used your apples and filled the pie, add a touch of cinnamon (to your taste)
  7. Add the final bit of pastry to cover up the apple pie
  8. Bake for 30 mins at 170 degrees in a fan forced oven. Adjust as necessary if your oven is stronger or weaker.
  9. Enjoy 🙂

Note: I may have had additional pastry which I fashioned into polka dots and bows. This isn't mandatory for all of you, but it was a must for me. Subscribe today if you liked this recipe, I have others from my grandma too.

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