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Pizza Perfection: Mushroom, Feta & Chives

Recipe credit: The gorgeous Marnie R. suggested this delicious, easy and convenient recipe for Pizza Perfection on the Help Me Cook Facebook page and I had a go at it. The credit for the recipe goes completely to Marnie.

Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time:

Roughly 14-16 mins in an 180° fan-forced oven. In a conventional oven, this will either be a few minutes longer of cooking time or a higher temperature for the same time, depending on your oven and cooking preferences

  • 1 frozen pizza base
  • Lego pizza sauce
  • Flat mushrooms sliced to cover
  • Crumbly feta (Marnie recommends the Spanish variety)
  • Pizza Cheese mix
  • Cracked black pepper
  1. Grab your pizza pan and spray a little canola oil, tear a sheet of baking paper (easy clean-up and less burn) to go on the tray under your pizza. Note: this was an amazing tip, please ensure you do this to minimise the clean-up and burn.
  2. Use a spoon to dollop pizza sauce onto the base. Use the back of it to spread sauce to the edges.
  3. Another Pro Tip from Marnie: Sprinkle a little cheese next so your ingredients don't slide when cooked. (Note: again, this worked really well, so please ensure you do this)
  4. Add mushies try to get a good cover but don't let them overlap
  5. Crumble feta across the pizza. Ensure that it is not in huge chunks because it does have a strong flavour and will take over everything
  6. Sprinkle dried or fresh chopped chives 
  7. Last but not least, use as much cheese as you're comfortable with. (Note: you can see I went a bit crazy with the cheese). Make sure that the cheese goes to the edges.
  8. Add pepper.
  9. Cook, cut and enjoy.

The verdict: Not sure if the picture does the recipe or taste any justice, because this was absolutely gorgeous! My partner and I couldn't stop eating it and it was gone within a few minutes of it being ready. We used a lot of cheese, it was our cheat day. Thank you so much Marnie for this great suggestion. Readers - please try it. If you have a recipe you'd like us to cook, please request it. Subscribe today for more unique recipes.

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