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  Salmon rose a l’avocado


  • Simple chunky avocado dip as per HelpMeCook recipe (avocado, 1/3 of red/purple onion, 1.5 tbsp of sourcream or low fat creamy smooth ricotta, paprika, olive oil, salt & pepper)
  • Scrambled eggs with onion or ham/bacon as per HelpMeCook recipe (eggs, onion, ham/bacon, salt & pepper)
  • Smoked salmon


  1. Make the avocado dip
  2. Scramble the eggs
    Note: For a pescatarian dish, you don’t need to put ham or bacon into it but the onion makes it delicious
  3. Put eggs onto the bottom
  4. Layer salmon on top in a rose-like shape
  5. Put the avocado dip on top and decorate.

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