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No Waste Cooking: Almond Onion Rings & 2 Others

To be frugal, you don't have to eat like a pauper. You should just avoid wasting food and try to use everything. That's why I have this collection of recipes I cooked in one go - it's no waste cooking. This recipe is to serve as an example for anyone who cooks. I hope it inspires you.

  • 3 eggs
  • almond-meal
  • 1-2 fresh brown onions
  • 1-2 large sweet potatoes
  • fresh dill
  • salmon fillets
  • olive oil
  • small amount of butter
  • salt
  • pepper
Sweet Potato (Baked Chippies) Method
  1. Slice sweet potato thinly
  2. Coat sweet potato with a tiny bit of olive oil using a brush, salt and pepper
  3. Stick sweet potato into oven, watch closely as it is thin to ensure it doesn't burn or overcook. Use multiple trays to try and diversify the risk of this happening or if you only have 1 tray, watch it like a hawk. Cook to your liking
Onion Rings & Almond-Egg Fritters Method
  1. Slice the onions. Tip: if you're worried about crying from the onions (which is a fair concern), be sure to wet the knife and wet the onion
  2. Take the eggs, crack them open and mix them together with each other as if you're making an omelette. Ensure these stay in their own bowl
  3. Place almond-meal into another bowl
  4. Grab a baking tray and ensure you make a convenient conveyer-style belt for yourself, consisting of dip onion into egg -> dip eggy onion into almond meal -> place eggy almondy onion onto baking tray
  5. Continue until all onions are covered and place onions into oven for approximately 10 mins, until egg and onion is cooked.
  6. You'll see that you might have some egg and almond-meal left. Mix the eggs and almond-meal together. Mish-mash it into balls and pan-fry on a non-stick pan unti these turn into little fritter/balls. This way, nothing is wasted.
Salmon Method
  1. Chop dill
  2. Heat pan carefully, while melting butter onto it
  3. As pan is heating, put dill onto the salmon to flavour it
  4. Pan fry to your liking, making sure you don't accidentally over or under-cook the salmon. Do it to your taste, just beware that if the salmon is over-cooked, it can go rubbery icky (and Atlantic salmon isn't the cheapest). If you under-cook it and it is not fresh, you can get sick - but this is a universal rule for any meat or fish.

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