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Delicious potato ‘dranki’: Fantastic Fritters

These fantastic little delicious potato 'drunk' fritters have nothing to do with alcohol, it's just that their pronunciation in English sounds like 'Drunkie'. They are however very easy or delicious. There is also an alternative recipe that uses egg, but if you use high enough heat - you do not need to add it.

  • Golden or pink potatoes, whatever's on hand.
    Pro Tip: bigger potatoes are better because you won't need to peel as many of them.
  • Salt & pepper
  1. Grate potatoes (or blend if you're feeling lazy). Ensure consistency is strong and thin but not mushy.
  2. Add salt & pepper.
  3. Form into fritters and fry on high heat on both sides.

Pro tip: If you cool your dranki, reheat and eat - you will create what's called resistant starch. That'll make it much healthier.

Recipe note: Oh the memories. This was one of my favourite foods in the whole world, but we had to eat it before blenders and food processors were cheap so it involved a lot of manual labour. The consistency is still a little tastier when created the old-fashioned way. Subscribe today to get your favourite recipes delivered straight to your inbox.

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