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Delicious Frugal Healthy Pizza

This delicious frugal healthy pizza recipe was made from ingredients I had lying around my house, or ones that I bought at a discount or on special. I didn't buy anything for this pizza on purpose. Most of our recipes are completely customisable for your taste. This one is no exception. Make this delicious and healthy pizza your own.

If you want to make it healthier, add less cheese (although there isn't much to begin with). You can also replace the meat ingredients for other vegetables, such as capsicum and turn it into a vegan dish if you like. If you're wondering about the photos, the top picture contains the steps to the recipe and the bottom picture is of the final product.


You can use any ingredients for the topping, but these were mine in this instance.

  • Wrap bread (I used spinach wrap but you can use any, spinach wraps were on special)
  • Cheese (I used 1 slice of Coles Smoky and also some light tasty)
  • Tomato sauce or pizza sauce
  • Spinach leaves
  • Mushrooms
  • 1 cabanossi
  • Diced bacon
  • Olives
  • Garlic
  1. Chop garlic into thin slices and place onto wrap
  2. Spoon tomato/pizza sauce on top
  3. Place spinach leaves on top. I took the ends off them but you can leave them on if you like
  4. Chop mushrooms and place evenly on top
  5. Chop cabanossi and place evenly on top
  6. Scatter diced bacon on top
  7. Place some olives on top
  8. Bake for 5-10 mins at 180 degrees
  9. Take out and place cheese
  10. Melt cheese and enjoy 🙂 I personally watched mine like a hawk in fear of over-cooking it.
The end result

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