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Fast & easy recipes for lazy people like myself.

Mornay-Style Cheesy Seafood Shells

Sweet Chilli Atlantic Salmon

Lazy & Easy Vegetable Soup

Breakfast of the champions: honey oats

Cheeky baked vegetable hotpot

Gorgeous French Onion Soup

Apple & Carrot Salad

5 Minute Berry & White Chocolate Dessert

Easy veggies (from frozen) in 10 minutes

Simple Onion Salad

Turkey/Beef Salsa Stuffed Sweet Potato

Indian Sweet – Coconut Milk Balls

Veggie, onion & egg bake from spare ingredients

Pan-fried pork (any meat) with onions

Russian potato ‘dranki’ (fritters / ‘drunkies’ / drunk fritters?)

Pink Radish Salad

Baked potatoes with salt (Russian-style)

Fish rissoles (affordable pescatarian dish)

Healthy little trees with eggs (delicious)

Beautiful, tender & easy chicken

  Salmon rose a l’avocado

Lamb cutlets with salad

Pumpkin soup

Butterfly sausage & egg sandwich with onion & mayo

Magic Mushrooms

Baked fish with cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli & cauliflower florets

Sunny-side smile (adorable)

Apple pie with a bow tie

Mushroom, feta & chives pizza (perfection)

Zucchini Soup (Divine)

5 minute chunky avocado dip (delicious)

Coconut & fruit dessert in 3 minutes

5 minute summer salad

Scrambled eggs with onion & sauce

Easy berry meringue dessert

Atlantic salmon dinner with baby potatoes & garden salad

Egg & avo breakfast face

Healthy vegetable stew with pan fried salmon

Almond-orange caterpillar

Dill omelette with mushrooms and haloumi

Healthy fruit salad plate

Quick sweet chilli meatballs, gnocchi and sauce

Sweet chilli lamb chops with mash and salad

Baked fish with herbs, paprika & veges on the side

Soup out of left-over fridge goodies

Healthy fresh fruit salad

Home-made pizza on a spinach wrap base

Naughty French eggs & mayo breakfast for two

Delicious scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, orange & a coffee breakfast

Simple healthy poached egg, avocado & grilled tomato breakfast

Delicious home-made beef burgers

Lamb Chops in sweet chilli sauce, mashed potato & salad

Lamb chops, baked veges & salad on the side

Baked almond onion rings, sweet potato chips, almond-egg fritter & pan-fried salmon

Fresh beautiful mango, one of my favourite healthy desserts.

Simple, fast & nommy garlic prawns, garlic & herb mish-mash mash and baked vegetable dinner for two.

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